Pet Portraits and Dog Days

Pet Portrait Sessions

All too often we see pet owners come into our store with a poorly exposed photograph they have taken of their pet.  They then want us to fix it. Although we do our very best, there is nothing that replaces a good professional photograph of your pet. A good time to set-up a pet portrait appointment is several days after a grooming.  A good combing out of your pet  gives a natural look.  Now is the best time to book you appointment.  Don’t wait and regret you never made the time.

Pet Portrait  sessions consists a variety of views of your pet, more than one pet can be photographed, and you can join your pet for some great photographs as well.  If you have any special ideas we would be glad to help you with them.

Call 345-7041 or email:

We occasionally  team up with the Thunder Bay District Humane Society to help our furry friends by holding a Dog Day.  For a cash donation and a bag of quality dog food, you get your dog professionally photographed. Sessions for Dog Days are limited to 15 minutes and no humans or other pets are allowed in the photograph.

Call us to book an appointment with you dog for a personal photo session, or ask us to be put on a waiting list for our next Dog Day.

Look at our slide show to see our Dog Day participants.  This year we will have more exciting new offerings.

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