Fairy Portraits

If you listen carefully….

You can hear the Whispers in the Forest

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Fairy Portraits are new to Primary Studio.  So what makes them special? Fairy Portraits are a combination fun time for the little girl and an emotional time for Mom.  Little girls participate willingly because they love to dress  up as Fairies.

The results are a keepsake that is treasured over time.  It becomes a personal art piece in your home.  It will get noticed and rave reviews by all of your friends and family .
People purchase art that someone has created and has no personal connection.
Fairy portraits are art pieces that have a lifelong connection and grow in value as time passes.  It becomes an heirloom to be passed on to your daughter when she has family of her own.
Be one of the first to have a Fairy Portrait on your wall!   Call  to book a session 345-7041

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Thunder Bay, Ontario.
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John Nistico, Thunder Bay Photographer

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