Classes for 2016

Taking a different approach, we thought small private classes would be a way for those that want the attention of the instructor on demand rather than a large classroom setting. With that in mind we are offering instruction for up to three people in a class.  If you want your own private class you can do that as well.  If you have a friend, son or daughter, husband or wife that is interested as well, then for a few dollars more they can attend too.

The classes are tailored for you. After a conversation with the instructor, he will gauge your level of knowledge and instruct accordingly.  Adding to your knowledge base is the goal, but not to overwhelm you with information you can’t implement.

The classes are usually one hour in length so that the information by the instructor can be absorbed and used. One class may be all you need on a subject, but you can come back and get more instruction if questions arise or you feel ready for the next level.

Classes (click link to view):

Learn your Digital Camera

Adobe Lightroom



Studio Portraiture

Camera to Print